The industry itself has led to new initiatives like the SUPPLEMENT OWL, Good Agricultural and Collection Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices for Botanicals materials, Supplement Compliances Initiative (SSCI), Global Retailer and Manufacturing Alliance (GRMA), and the Botanical Adulterant Program, transparency will only become more prominent.
DNA Analysis has really come to the fore for a numbers of organizations and companies, despite many industry stakeholders continuing to note its limitations.
The NHP business alliance will also bring together industry leaders, regulators and consumers for the development of new industry testing standards, using reliable, affordable DNA-based tools.
Innovative Genomic Analysis are also being applied to medicinal plants used in traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). A joint venture was announced last year by US-based DNA research firm Illumina and the Institute of Medicinal Plant Development (IMPLAD), based in Beijing.
Some Botanical ingredients suppliers themselves have been developing innovative techniques and embracing novel technology to illustrate their commitment to quality and supply chain integrity. For example, Indena has agreed a strategic cooperation with UK- Based biotech Hyris based on unique sets of reagents for specific DNA sequences (Known as BKITs) and they use a miniaturized portable device for the analysis of nucleic acids (known as the bCUBE).
Probiotic is another obvious category that is applying DNA-based technology, with companies like Dupont driving use of the technology for both identification and enumeration of the microorganisms. While standards PCR (polymerase chain reaction methods can identify strains but not enumerate, Dupont developed a digital PCR method to quantify live cells in a blend, while using power of PCR to identify the strains simultaneously. A proof of concepts was performed with a blend of three L. plantarumstrains.
Moving on the supply chain and quality side of the industry, there are also a number of area that particularly excite and fascinate me, including the microbiome, probiotics and prebiotics, anti-aging (longevity); beauty from within; nootropics, adaptogens, and a few specific ingredients in particular.
Starting with the microbiome, probiotics supplements are outpacing growth in other types of supplements. We have moved well beyond just digestive health, brain health, immune support, weight management, and so on.
There is even research underway in the community to mine the gut microbiota of elite athletes for potential new probiotics (the gut microbiomes of athletes are more diverse than non-athletes).
IESG ENGINEERING LLC has worked in developing new Supplements exploring opportunities there, from immune support to reducing post exercise inflammation and boosting recovery, enhancing protein absorption, antiaging, improve brain health, reduce digestive illness, and we are happy to keep our high quality industrial manufacturing active to develop more products.