Companies Find the Technology to Keep Working Through a Pandemic

When industry firms first complied with stay-at-home orders and shutdowns earlier this year, many assumed it would be a few weeks of logging in remotely and performing triage on the most critical projects. But as the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, with jobsites slowly reopening under the specter of future shutdowns, many construction industry and engineering firms and software providers are wondering if these temporary measures will result in permanent technological adaptations.

Technology is also being used to better understand the scale of the construction slowdown. Procore analyzed its project management platform’s user data on changes in employment and worker-hours in different regions and correlated it with similar information from the Associated General Contractors of America.
Now we are going to see how we can adapt better to overcome this pandemic relying more on technology and incorporating new one.
Seeing how many companies can better adapt to the new conditions generated by this global pandemic, depending more on the use of different types of previous technologies and incorporating new technologies that can greatly improve our business production. The digitization of many of our sectors is going to be an essential part in our work activities, we must find a way so that many of our activities can be carried out remotely without affecting the efficiency and delivery of each phase in our engineering projects. We hope that we can return to normality in 2020 so that our economies can recover in search of sustainable development.