Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering services in industrial plants, building, residencies, power plants, school and universities, laundry, healthcare and hospitality industries. We have the education and advanced training to deliver highly effective results in today’s complex production environment. Industrial engineering designs and experience to build facilities using professional design, lean manufacturing and project management techniques, planning and coordinating all activities to comply with applicable owner contract documents, engineer and government specifications, requirements and codes
 We can deliver a multitude of services including facility design, RFP development, building construction, improving the process development, tooling, plant layout, production standards, process and manufacturing documentation, engineering system developing an appropriate quality control plan,       high efficiency designs and equipment operation and maintenance to reduce environmental emissions, creating an action plan to improve performance and control emission for next decades to comply with the environmental safety codes, furthermore generating an economic analysis projections and reports based on new engineering designs to improve energy systems, yearly energy savings, expansion and upgrade costs and  investment payback period reaching the breakeven point.

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