Mechanical Engineering

We’ve evolved in a number of ways since our initial focus on power plant designs covering our project’s energy needs. Since the beginning though, we have provided efficient and innovative mechanical designs with sustainable practices to increase productivity, quality and profitability through data analysis and process design, improving efficiency and reducing operating and maintenance costs.
Our engineers work diligently to satisfy our goals in industrial and power plant’s projects as well as both energy goals and comfort requirements for residential facility occupants. Over the years we have developed unmatched expertise with an extensive repertoire of specialized systems.
In every project, we estimate, design, schedule, assist and oversee all phases of new construction from initial conception through successful startup in energy systems like CHP (cogeneration), CCHP (trigeneration), HVAC as well as other construction projects locally and internationally.
These include also centralized and decentralized air systems, central plant design, thermal storage, and critical cooling systems, involving a variety of layout, vendor, and product options within each. In short, IESG’s knowledge base ensures the right design of every system on every project.

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