Sustainable Design Services

At IESG, sustainability has always been a priority because keeping systems running efficiently makes all the difference for everyone involved. Whether it’s designing a mission critical data center, an increment of industrial production, or an elementary school in a small town, IESG leverages in-depth experience in a variety of markets to deliver sustainable and energy-efficient designs.
Buildings need to accommodate the changing demands in an environment of growing energy costs. To satisfy this need, IESG created a Sustainability Studio Team that focuses specifically on providing clean, efficient solutions to owners. This team is a consistent, dedicated group of some of the most talented team members who possess the expertise and knowledge to consult on and design for sustainability in projects.
Emphasis is placed on the environmental and economic sense of green facilities strategies through detailed payback analysis. Proven solutions to reducing the owner’s energy usage and costs are a regular part of the IESG philosophy and we are committed to being a leader when it comes to sustainable design.

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